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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday wallows, Friday follows ...

There's nothing worse, I think, than Twitter users shedding all dignity and begging for followers. I call it begging, because that's what it is. You're asking for something without offering anything in return. It's also one of my 'unfollow' criteria. The implication is that the volume of followers you have somehow validates your own worth. That's a nonsense. I have vented about this already, so no more here.

"Gather followers by being engaging. Don't be afraid to unfollow bores and people who just jibber-jabber to fill a void."

With this in mind, I have gathered a list of people whom I follow and recommend to you. This is not the #ff methodology usually employed I suppose, but Twitter never allows room for context. I would not expect someone to follow anyone just because I said so. In some kind of alphabetical order:
  • @_MuckyWaters_73 fast cars and blues guitar. What more do you need to know?
  • @CardinalPhink and @JelloPuss - punk rock hearts smothered in strong alcohol and cheesecakes. Not murderers.
  • @cath_caldwell - Mum, student ... heartwarming tales of boiler repair men ;-)
  • @DeadbeatMum and @dirt_bird - an hilarious living sitcom but also insightful and thoughtful comment on a variety of issues. Sweary DIY-related tweets. Cats (if you like that sort of thing).
  • @DonColerainey - the Teflon Don of the North Coast. Articulate and very, very angry most of the time. Not a man to cross.
  • @hannahhou - beloved #1 daughter. F1 and BTCC news and views. Her beau is @TheJonnyMoore.
  • @IsGrandmaThere - hilarious and widely-travelled social commentator and raconteur. Impeccable taste in music.
  • @jasebell - stick fiddler, wry observer of the human condition. Has bass desires.
  • @JudithR33 - Secret Publican, masochist swimmer, photographer of vivid scenes and dunnocks. Has a good pie recipe.
  • @kezwilliams13 - multi-talented and knowledgeable muso with many hats. A good egg.
  • @loftspace - government bullshit filter, social conscience and mum.
  • @muldutch - scrabbler. Pretty handy with a taunt and a riding crop.
  • @M_Corbett - writerly, thoughtful and funny. No fan of the grocer's apostrophe.
  • @paul_beattie - first rate photographer but first and foremost, thoroughly bloody nice real-world bloke. Great chef. No TV.
  • @sera_mcdaid - The Agoraphobic Fashionista. Truly original and inspiring.
  • @siralanwhite - the Sage of Wrenthorpe. Purveyor of humorous asides.
  • @VictoriaKLM - strong views, forcefully expressed. Good for a debate.
  • @wonderwaff - funny and touching insights into motherhood and family life. From Finland, like the Moomins.
I may have missed people.

Until next time, social media fans.

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