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Friday, November 28, 2008

To die for

Anyone who says a piece of cake is 'to die for' is an idiot. Think about that. There isn't a food in the world that is so delicious that it's 'to die for'. The safety of your family, high ideals of freedom from oppression - these are things to die for. Has our language become so devalued that we need to seek greater and greater superlatives to express straightforward sentiments? Next time the thought even flits across your brain that something edible is 'to die for', consider these excellent alternatives: tasty, appetizing, delectable, luscious, delicious, or exquisite.

Shoes are not 'to die for', boy- or girlfriends are not 'to die for'. If you offered a dying man the choice of a cure for his illness or a piece of delectable cake, which do YOU think he would choose?

Don't even start me on people who say "awesome ..."

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