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Monday, December 1, 2008

Spend, spend, spend

I don't intend to spend, spend, spend my way to financial security. I'm no economist but I do know that anything you don't need is not a bargain at any price. Here are things we DO need, in no particular order, that might have benefited from the injection of some billions of pounds:
  • fixing crumbling schools and restoring free milk for primary kids;
  • revitalising our bloated and bureaucratic health service;
  • a proper re-nationalised public transport and utilities infrastructure;
  • an end to fuel poverty;
  • proper equipment so that if we have to fight wars we don't want, at least we have the tools to do it;
  • £400 million into each of the above; or
  • £33 for every citizen. It would end up in the banks or in the shops anyway AND it would keep circulating.
Just an idea.

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